TFZ Advantages

  • ActivitiesAny type of industrial, trade or services activity may be carried out within the Free Zone.
  • Fully exempt from import tariffs, direct and special taxes on imported goods proceeding from or shipped to a third country outside the European Union. When the final destination of the imported goods is the European Union, the tariff and tax obligations are suspended until they leave the Free Zone.
  • Indefinite storage: Within the FZ, goods may be stored without a time limit, while any tariff and tax payment obligations are suspended on the imported goods.
  • Customs handling simplified: The control of incoming and outgoing goods is carried out through an Inventory Accounting System, a computer application that allows telematic control by the customs and tax authorities, reducing paperwork and documentation. Simplifying customs formalities means not having to submit a declaration prior to the entry of the goods by streamlining its handling.
  • Usual forms of handling: In the FZ, goods may be subject to usual handling to guarantee their preservation, improve their appearance or their commercial quality, or prepare them for distribution or resale, without the need for customs authorization.
  • Substantial processing: Goods in the ZF may undergo substantial transformation with the prior and express authorization of the customs authority, through its linkage to Transformation regimes under Customs control when the destination of the resulting final product is the European Union, or through its linkage to an Active Improvement scheme where the final destination of the product is re-exported to a third country outside the EU.
  • FZ located within port area: It offers the logistical advantage of being close to the berthing line and the arrival of containers as well as the proximity to the new Port Inspection Center that streamlines all inspection handling while centralizing related services: SOIVRE (Official Service for Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports), Customs and Foreign, Animal and Vegetable Health.