Why Tenerife?


Strategically located at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and America.

For more than half a century, Tenerife has become a mandatory stopover for trade relations between America, Africa and Europe. This has resulted in the island, taking advantage of its privileged location, becoming a great business center and a strategic place for this intercontinental platform.

Privileged environment and quality of life.

Thanks to its stable average temperature of 23° throughout the year, Tenerife is a leader in European tourism and one of the regions with the best quality of life.

In addition, the high quality of life has meant that in recent years the island has experienced a high degree of development with more than five million tourists visiting the island in 2016 and an active population of more than 900,000 residents.

First-rate infrastructures in all sectors

Tenerife has a modern infrastructure in all sectors. Two ports and two international airports, advanced infrastructures in telecommunications, as well as large industrial zones.

These infrastructures are complemented by highly-qualified workers trained at our international universities on the island, as well as the large number of clusters in different industries.

Connecting three continents.

Tenerife is an excellent platform for trade, logistics, business and the transfer of services and technology between continents in the territory of the European Union, located between three continents. Its excellent airport and telecommunications infrastructures make its geographical location an opportunity, as it also has European legislation, regulations and standards.

It is an ideal place to do business on three continents: Europe, America and Africa

 Tax advantages with European warranties.

Companies that decide to operate out of Tenerife will enjoy, from the outset, privileged conditions due to the islands being located in an outermost area of ​​the European Union, to which we must add that the Canary Islands channel a part of the support program carried out by Europe in the northwestern region of Africa.

This provides opportunities for businesses operating out of the Canary Islands to benefit from support, cooperation and arbitration of institutions related to the European Union, mainly the Canary Islands Economic and Tax Regime (REF). All this translates into investment opportunities as well as tax and customs advantages.